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       Is there any doubt who baseball's all-time home run champ?


      It's Hank Aaron, who did so much of his heavy lifting here in Milwaukee, including his final roundtripper here in Milwaukee in 1975.


       Today's indictment of Barry Bonds is HUGE on many levels--it justifies the distance Bud Selig maintained during Bonds' sad, long quest this summer to bust the Aaron mark.      The feds don't screw around.      They've got Bonds by the proverbial nards.   


       Aaron said and did all the right things as Bonds "broke" his record.     He did his video.    He stayed away.    Aaron let Bonds do his victory lap, acknowledged the accomplishment by saying all the right things.     And, he always gave the impression he knew more than he did.


       Aaron's mark, to most fans, stands.


       Bonds is a bad man, a rotten teammate, a terrible friend, a questionable mate,  but a great baseball player.   He made questionable choices all of his life, and, if you believe the book "Game of Shadows", he always seemed to operate amid an air of entitlement that sports/life grant great athletes.      His quest to get a chunk of the action that Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa got in the years after the 1994 strike prompted him to do things he didn't need to--Bonds was already a Hall of Famer.    Do you think he is now?      The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Terrance Moore told ESPN today that he wouldn't put Bonds in Cooperstown because the ballot clearly states that the candidate must be qualified not only in terms of on-field accomplishments but also in terms of character.    Does Bonds belong next to Robin Yount when it's strictly numbers on the diamond?    No doubt.     Could he carry Yount's shower sandals when it comes to being a man?      No way.


       Baseball isn't pure--the game, and it's players union, both looked the other way as Sosa, McGuire and other lesser players took needles in unspeakable places, all in the quest to garner that "edge."     Bonds made himself a target.     His arrogance bought him no friends outside of the Bay Area.     Now he lives with his choices.     Pure math says he holds the record.    Pure logic says something else.


      Move over, Barry.    Here comes Henry.

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