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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

It's What ISN'T On The Tapes...

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      I'm no fan of 911 tape stories.


      Certain as weeds in spring, they pop up a few days after a major catastrophe--the latest being the Crandon shootings..      Some of the calls, thankfully, are being held back including the segment where the father of one of the victims discovers his murdered child amid what authorities are calling "the sounds of human suffering".    


      We don't need to hear that, and, truth be told, we didn't need to hear the stuff that was released--the tapes, in my opinion, did nothing to move the story forward.        They don't, in most cases.    Usually, it gives we in the news business a chance to rehash the horror, shake our heads at the sounds of obviously frightened/endangered people making the most terrifying phone calls of their lives.        Is it compelling?     Sure.    Is it news?      Not usually.


       What IS news in the Crandon situation is what we AREN'T hearing: tapes from the many, many calls reportedly made to the 911 operator by folks who were visited by the shooter, Tyler Peterson, as well as though who spotted him in the hours after he killed six young people Sunday.      The fact they haven't been released yet tells me there's something there--something all of us will want to hear.   

         The family Peterson came to early Sunday morning told the Journal/Sentinel of the calls they made to the dispatcher, to the point where the man of the house finally LEFT to find out if help was, indeed, on the way.        There were calls from others, too, who supposedly saw him on the road.     And then, there's the whole, still-murky issue of what happened when Peterson left the house, wandered into the nearby woods and ended up dead.


         Rumors abound, speculation is rife, and authorities say they can't release those tapes quite yet because they're still investigating.   This is one time where I'm anxious to hear 911 calls...even after the official version of events comes out.   


        Compelling?     Sure.      News?    I'm guessing yes.

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