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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia Takes On New Meaning

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      I'm a huge "Brady Bunch" fan.

      It got me through many a lonely Friday night in junior high school, along with "The Patridge Family" and "Love American Style".    And, what healthy, heterosexual teen of the 1970's didn't have a "thang" for Marcia Brady?

      Years went by, the "Brady's" fell off ABC's prime time grid, I actually got a diploma and life moved on.     I fell into radio, and by virtue of my experiences at WKTI, we were able to weasel our way into walk-ons on a few t-v shows, including one of the "Brady" reunions.    I met the cast, but didn't get the opportunity to meet the original Marcia, Maureen McCormick.     Our understanding was that, unlike many other stars of the past, she didn't want to by typecast and was looking to do other things.   

       She and I, though, were still destined to meet.

       Among Maureen's other "opportunities was the chance to become an on-air spokesperson for birth control--a job that brought here to Milwaukee and the KTI studios a bunch of years ago.       I've interviewed a lot of people--stars, athletes, politicians, celebs of all color and was NEVER as scared as I was that morning.    I mean, my God, MARCIA BRADY?!?     I could feel my face breaking out as she walked into the studio, positive that I'd popped one of those giant, red, shiny skull-sized zits on the side of my nose, just like I'd always do before the big dance at Sheboygan North.

       Our moment didn't last long, and it passed without incident.    Our paths would never cross again.      But, I found out today that Maureen and I have something in common...more than just a flimsy "Brady Bunch" connection.

       We both like girls.

       Maureen dishes some true behind-the-scenes sauce from her t-v family in an upcoming book.     Read about it here in The New York Post.    

       And, good luck watching "Brady" reruns the same way again.

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