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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Forget Giada! We've Got Recipes, Too!

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        Polish luau?


        Hobo dinner?


        With apologies to our Eastern European brethren as well as our transient freight-riders, here are some variations on the meal I described on today's "Wisconsin's Morning News"...the one involving a new galvanized garbage cans, veggies, and your butcher's finest wurst.


        Jeff sent in this one:

I have done a similar recipe. I have also just used water and steamed corn in the garbage can. I could do about 4 dozen at once and it tastes great. However after a few years of doing this I have now been told that you should not cook in a galvanized garbage can. I believe I was told that the zinc in the galvanized metal gives off a poison or toxic fume. The person who told me this said it wasn’t safe. I’ve read some articles and they say don’t store food items in galvanized metal. Maybe some of your listeners would know if this is safe or not. I have found some information that says it’s unsafe and others say this small amount wouldn’t hurt. I personally just don’t cook this way as often because I’m unsure. I have a recipe for cooking a turkey on aluminum foil with the garbage can upside down. Some coals are placed on top of the can (which is now the bottom because it is upside down) and some are on the aluminum foil around the bottom.



       Then, there's Dennis:

We call this the "milk can dinner" I have also heard it called the "hobo dinner". We use a old milk can because of the galvanized finish on a garbage can, just ask any welder about the hazards of welding galvanized metals. Take an clean old milk can-no rust inside or out. Drill a hole in the cover about 3/16 inch in diameter. Place the contents in the can just like the barber described, use an onion bag for the mesh bag. Place sweet corn on top of the mesh bag another good boiled vegetable to use in this. Use a good smoked sausage we get ours from a meat market west of Green Bay called Maplewood Meats, it is one Hwy 29 and have sausages to die for. Run out there when you go to see your daughter in De Pere because it is only a few minutes from Green Bay. Place can on open fire or in fire pit. place dime over hole drilled in cover when the dime moves off hole the dinner is done. Wish I could write more but need to get to work.


       A listener named Rodney chimed in:


...can make it the same way but in a Nesco, just have to line the grate with aluminum  foil poke holes in the foil with a fork, place all your vegetables on that then meat on top, place a large baking potato on top of meat, when that is soft and done your meal is done.  Pour 3 to 4 beer in the bottom of Nesco before place grate in it.

      Tom's take is similar:

You can do this a lot easier with normal kitchen supplies. Take a stainless steel steamer and a pot with a lid; put your vegetables in the steamer wrapped in cheesecloth (available at the grocery store) and then lay your sausages on top of that. I should think an hour would be enough.


      Laura was the first one out of the blocks this morning:

Attached is my dad’s “recipe” for a garbage can dinner.  He’s been hosting them in central Illinois for about 20 years and he uses the same garbage can over and over.  They are delicious and a great way to feed a crowd.  When everything is done cooking, he lifts the garbage can off the fire and lays it on its side in the grass.  Then he opens the lid and pulls the food onto it so it looks kind of like a cornucopia.  Enjoy!

       I'm still looking for the one my buddy Wally described from Sheboygan: beer and water at the bottom of the can with a Weber grill grate on top.    Then comes the cloth bag full of carrots, potatoes and onions.      On top of that comes the main course: sausage, and lots of it.      Pop on the lid, put the can over a wood fire and--wa la!   Fat City.


       I'm still taking variations on the theme--send 'em to

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