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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

The Most Potent Weapon In The NFL...

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  apparently attached to Travis Henry of the Denver Broncos.


         I found this out, quite by accident, while trying to make a Fantasy Football trade the other day.    I was in the market for a running back and came across Henry on a fellow league member's roster.       It had a little icon next to it, indicating there was a new story about him on the wires.


         It's then that I came to learn about Henry, and his weapon.


        Turns out Travis could be the new Father of Our Country, having sired NINE kids by NINE DIFFERENT WOMEN in FOUR states.


        I'm not sure how many time zones he covered.


       Those are pretty impressive numbers, but what's even more startling is the fact that judges had to order him to pay child support for at least seven of the kids with a Georgia judge forcing him to start a $250 thousand dollar trust fund to make sure he makes good on his paternal obligations (the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has the details).


         Court records show that, while Henry needed a judge to show him where his wallet was when it came time to pay for his commitments, he apparently had no trouble going to his hip when he wanted to buy himself a little somethin'-somethin': a $100 thousand dollar car, $146 grand on jewelry.  


          And, even though Henry just signed a $25 million dollar contract with a base monthly salary of $50 thousand dollars, he needed to borrow almost ten grand from a Broncos teammate when threatened with jail after he'd fallen behind on a previous child support order.


           "People can judge me all they want," Henry told the Denver Post. "But only God can judge me.   "A lot of stuff that's been put out there isn't true, but I'm not going to get into that right now," Henry said. "The important thing is I want to take care of my kids really and truly. It's all good."

          It's all...good?


          I consider myself a fairly connected guy--I watch a lot of news, check out plenty of papers via the web.      Yet, the Travis Henry saga completely passed me by.     Doesn't this guy qualify as a deadbeat dad--about seven times over--by virtue of the fact it took a judge to get him to pony up?      I'm sure the Denver Broncos and the NFL are glad that Henry's fertility issues are staying under the collective radar--news in cities where his cases came up, but failing to garner national traction.         After all, the league is still trying to wipe the doggie doo off it's Oxfords in the wake of the Michael Vick case.


         Which brings me to my bigger point: what  Vick did to his hounds is vile, but what then of Travis Henry?      Shouldn't people be protesting outside the next courthouse Henry shows up at?       Crimes against dogs rate higher than a total  lack of responsibility to one's own flesh and blood?


         By the way, I didn't go through with the trade.      I need a running back who does something else in bed--like sleep.

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