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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

The High Cost Of Being Cutting Edge...

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        Some think it's a gun.


       Others believe it's a car.


       I think that, for some guys, it's high tech stuff that provides that oft-talked about Freudian extension of the you-know-what.


       We all know them--the ones who were the first with HDTV, DVD, the ultra fast computer with cable instead of dial-up web access.        They had the palm-sized video cameras at your kids' graduation when you were still shoulder-totin' a recorder roughly half the size of your mini-van.


       And now, these poor bastards are squealing like stuck pigs--upset that the I-phones they bought weeks ago are now being peddled for some $200 less.


       Tough crunchies.


       This is the free market, folks, and Apple simply taxed those who feel as though they have to be riding first class on the high-tech Concorde a hefty amount for the ride.      You waited in line overnight to grab one of these babies on day one of their release?     You wanted to be the BMITO (Big Man In The Office) with one of these bad boys on your belt, waiting to dazzle the other poor schlubs in the coffee room?       You thought whipping one of these doo-hickeys out on a date would impress the woman of your dreams to the point where she'd abandon all reservations about your relationship and propose marriage herself, once she saw you fingering the flat-screen on an impromptu Google-search?


        Good.       Pay for it.


        The rest of the world had the common sense to wait--the price of high tech gear ALWAYS comes down eventually, some more quickly than others.       Bragging rights come with a price.


        My guess is that, after the initial buzz wore off and word of I-phone bugs proliferated, Apple did what any self-respecting company would do--slash prices!      That's their right.      And, I think Steve Jobs is a sucker for offering rebates, but he seems to be a nice guy for a kadzillioinaire, one who's hell-bent on making his loyal fan-base happy.     


         Had Apple come up with a cure for juvenile diabetes or cancer, offered it up at a highly inflated price, then slashed the cost after flooding the market, we'd have another story here.        The I-phone was a pure vanity buy, and let the buyer beware.     I would've loved to have had an HDTV three years ago, but I didn't feel like plunking six mortgage payments down for the right to see Brett Favre's chin stubble.       Those who bought one years ago aren't marching outside the nearest Big Box store, demanding some sort of kiss from Sony now that such t-v's are being GIVEN AWAY when you buy a dining room set.      It's how the market works.     Apple just accelerated the process.


         Good things come to those who wait.         And, if you're one of the first on your block with an I-phone, they come to you, too, even though you didn't.       Don't get too used to that kind of treatment.      Apple isn't living in the real world. 



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