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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

He Of The Wide Stance...May Be Digging In

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        ----, or get off the pot.


       It's a poor but obvious analogy as Larry Craig seems to be on the cusp of a what promises to be a long and ugly fight to overturn his Minneapolis airport bathroom conviction and, thus, keep his Senate seat.        He appears to be backing away from weekend talk that he'd bug out of Congress by the end of the month.


       Craig seems bolstered by support from at least one colleague, Arlen Specter, who thinks Twin Cities authorities railroaded the Senate's most famous squatter.        Specter, at last count, is about the only one giving Craig the time of day.      The rest of his Republican mates are busy at the curb, waiting for the next bus to toss Craig in front of.


       I say, "go for it, Larry."     Stay in the Senate.    Fight the conviction.     Then, run for another term and give your constiuents the chance to say, "I want THIS guy to be 50% of Idaho's Senate delegation".


       It bugs some Republicans to no end that renowed Democratic rogues not only got to leave office on their own terms, but actually got re-elected and kept their jobs after brushes with infamy.     "Double standard!", they scream to anyone who'll listen.       They claim that the bar is held much higher for offending GOP members, and to a degree, they're right.       


       It's not a question of how high the bar, but rather, who is holding it?


       Throughout the Craig imbrolio, Democrats have, in a rare burst of wisdom and restraint, kept their collective mouths shut.     There was no need for any of them to pile on, since there were so many Republicans willing to toss dirt on Craig's political grave for them.     No one on the GOP side of the aisle was saying Craig deserved compassion and nobody wanted the electorate to decide his fate.       When a party teeters so far to the right that it'll do virtually anything to keep that part of it's base happy, well, there's just no room on the ship for someone who takes a dip in unsavory waters.      They need to go--fast.     Kinda like the Kremlin.     One minute, you're in the Politburo.     The next, you're a non-person.    


        It wasn't Democrats who urged Craig to go when last week's news broke--and it wasn't Democrats who started yanking his committee positions when Craig didn't beat feet fast enough.        It was his own party.


       So far, Craig is guilty of nothing other than that which he copped a plea to in Minnesota.     Is it career-ending offense?      Was he, indeed, the victim of entrapment?     Does what happened in the stall in any way keep him from being an effective representative for his state, or deny him the chance to carry the GOP banner?


      Should Republican leaders be answering those questions?    GOP officials who really aren't so concerned about what's right or wrong for the good Senator, but rather with making sure Idaho remains among the reddest of states?


        Shouldn't Idaho voters decide if Craig should get off the pot?      



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