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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

If I Were God For A Day...

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       ...I'd end this No-Call Hoo-Ha in a heartbeat.


        Deadlines come and go as anyone with a telephone in Wisconsin gets a brief window of opportunity during which they can renew their status on the telemarketing no-call list.      The premise is simple: you call or e-mail, they make sure you aren't three fork fulls into tonight's Tuna Helper when someone tries pitching you aluminum siding on the horn.


        My question is: why do we have to keep going through the renewal hassle in the first place?       Why doesn't one call do it all?       Is there ANYONE out there who, after being on the list, is going to change his or her mind and actually ASK TO BE HASSLED AGAIN BY TELEMARKETERS?!?   


       I would like to think that, even if I suffered the most heinous cranial injury, resulting in the loss of what little functioning brain matter I have left, my remaining neutrons would be able to force my mouth and lips to form the word, "NO!" in a loud, strong voice as my caretaker asked me, "Do you want to let your no-call status lapse and again be exposed to the ravages of telemarketers?"


       This sounds like a giant "gotcha" to me--the odds are stacked against the consumer who may be too busy to monitor such deadlines.      Before you know it--WHAM--someone's trying to sell you Florida time-shares during the "Entourage" season finale.   


       Stop the madness.    One and done.      A simple call should be enough for a lifetime of peace and quiet.     No gotchas.    No deadlines.     You're in for the win.


       I'll buy my aluminum siding on my own time, thank you.     Now, please pass the Tuna Helper.


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