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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Quick! I Need An Opinion On Barry Bonds, And I Need It FAST!

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      I gotta come up with something...FAST!

     Molly Fay invited me to join "The Morning Blend" this morning on Today's TMJ4 to talk about Barry Bonds.    With just minutes to go before I'm on the set, I've come to the sudden realization that I really don't have an opinion...a "take", to use the sportsradio vernacular.

     Sure, I've written here about Bud Selig and the way he's handled the matter of the 756th homer, but I don't think I ever truly articulated a formal position paper on Bonds and the steroid allegations.     So, allow me to think out loud:

1) Bonds hasn't been convicted of anything.     

2) IF he did use 'roids, they presumably weren't banned by baseball when he was using (testing would've found him out by now if

    he continued after the new rules kicked in).

3) Fans and the media looked the other way as bloated replicas of the Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa we remembered  

    when they first came into the bigs started hitting monstrous home runs in big numbers in the mid and late 90's.      We called

    it "the rebirth of baseball" in the wake of the '94 strike.      We all should've been asking questions.

4) Selig and MLB suggested tougher testing, but often got blow back from the union which argued that it was merely trying to

    protect the players' privacy.       Plus, fans were happy, stadiums were full and baseball was getting it's mojo back.     

5) Bonds may be guilty of being a jerk to friends, teammates, and the women in his life (as alleged in the bestselling book  "Game

    of Shadows") but character isn't one of the requirements to make it into baseball's record books or it's Hall of Fame.    


        Yes, I'm as bored with the home run chase as you are, and I'm sure we Milwaukee-types feel a more personal connection to the mark since Hank Aaron held it up until last night.      That said, even Mr. Aaron was gracious enough to convey videotape kudos to Bonds last night, and, if he holds no grudges, neither should I.        Hank is the only true winner in this, even though he's the one who got his mark eclipsed.      He proves himself once again to be a man of honesty and integrity while those around him seem to come up a bit short.

       Thanks.    I think I'm ready for this t-v thing.    

       Now, if I could only do something about my hair...


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