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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

...Well, Now That We Fixed THAT Problem...

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        I'm not picking sides here...I'm just wondering: are our borders now safer because immigration reform died in the Senate this week?

       Did the bill's failure do anything to bolster port security, add screeners, tighten up the lines that separate us from Canada and Mexico?     

       And, for all the bellering about the measure giving "amnesty" to illegals, what did last week's vote to do raise the ante for anyone who is now living here in the U.S. without the proper paperwork?     Has anything changed for the estimated 12 million illegals now living in the U.S?      Did the measure's failure do anything to round them up, send them back, end what Pat Buchanan calls "The Third World invasion"?      Will it end the drain on our resources, things that we support with ever-increasing tax bills?


       Is illegal immigration a new issue?     And, what did the recent debate do?

      The answers: no, and nothing.

      Immigration needs to be dealt with, but now the onus is on the foes of the most recent bill to come up with an alternative.    Just as those who back the Iraq war say it's up to those who want us out to come up with a Plan B, so it goes with immigration.        

      Did anyone WANT to change the immigration status quo, or was it just a chance for some folks to flex their muscles?      Did anything really get done here, or was it just a chance to earn some warm fuzzies?     Don't we have bigger fish to fry?        When is the last time our government worked to fix a pressing problem through new thinking, compromise, and reasoned argument, rather than energizing bases, fear-mongering, and partisan bickering?

      When you see what happened this past week, do you feel any better about our government fixing what's happened in Iraq?    What have they done to take care of our nation's most pressing economic/social issue, that being health care costs?

      The answers: no, and nothing.

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