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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Skip The Season--Bring Me The Draft!

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         What's wrong with me?

         When I play a sports game--be it Madden or either of the 2K incarnations of hockey or baseball on my son's X-Box 360--I plod through the regular season and playoffs, only to really, really get stoked about the postseason where armchair digital General Managers like me can do our best Doug Melvin/Ted Thompson impersonations, without having to worry about getting ripped by angry fans.

         Life is now imitating art, in that I'm more geeked about the 2007 NBA Draft (the real-life one tonight) than I am about pro basketball.

        The intrigue heading into tonight's cattle-call has me in a non-stop Google frenzy, trying to stay current on the latest rumors and alleged trades.      I've read so much about the handful of guys who might be around when the Bucks make the sixth overall choice that they've all blurred into one person: each with skills but drawbacks that will keep them from being immediate-impact players but good citizens and long-term contributors in the future.       I've even tried to learn how to pronounce Yi Jian Lian, even though it sounds as though the Bucks would be triggering a Bay-of-Pigs-esque international incident by having the audacity to draft the Chinese national.    That said, I think I have the pronounciation down good enough so that a woman won't slap me if I say the name out loud.

      All this, from someone who went to one, maybe two Bucks games all last season.     Who watched but a handful of pro hoop games in 2006-2007.

      Why do I care more about the draft than the games themselves?

      I don't know.

      Maybe it's about promise--everyone is 0-0 tonight, harboring big hopes for the future.      A swiftly executed trade, a shrewd choice here and there and--poof!        We're holding pre-game Bradley Center parking lot rallies sometime this spring.   

      I like the pro game, altho I worry about star treatment, sloppy fundamentals and poor officiating turning the NBA into a taller version of pro wrestling.       And, all this talk about who the Bucks might feather their nest with tonight had me checking out their website to look at a season ticket package.       

      When it's all said and done, isn't that what all this is about?


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