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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Breaking Free From The Mold...And Cratering A Career In The Process

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       We SAY we want one thing...when in fact, we want the other.

       Jim Carey should branch out and take on serious roles.      When he does, we stay away from the theater in droves.

      We want singers to change, morph, evolve and try different things.      When they do, the CD's gather dust on teh shelf.

      Enter Kelly Clarkson.

      Already a convicted pop star put on the musical fast track via her "American Idol" success, Clarkson decided to break with tradition and put out an album SHE likes, instead of another one that she knows would sell.     And, rather than refining her glam good looks, she straps on the occasional buffet, apparently doing a few extra laps around the carbohydrate side of the table.      She packed on a few pounds, and admits she really isn't all that hung up on how she'll look.

       Her new CD is out tomorrow--read about her ongoing personal/professional dramas here.

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