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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Anger Management 101/Instructor: Prince Fielder

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Let the veteran be schooled.

I listened to a Chicago talk station Monday afternoon, first getting agitated, then strangely relieved. I ended up being glad I'm a Brewers fan, with heady players like Prince Fielder on my side as opposed to the Cubs who sport hotheads like Carlos Zambrano, Michael Barrett and the most recent addition to the Windy City Distemper Hall of Shame, Derrick Lee. Lee faces a suspension after what happened over the weekend, with many of today's radio listeners questioning if Lee should sit at all.

Welcome to life, as viewed thru Cubbie Blue shades.

At issue: the fight Saturday between Lee and San Diego pitcher Chris Young, triggered when a high and tight Young pitch struck Lee shoulder-level.


Let the record show, it was midway in a scoreless game. Doubtful Young was trying to hit Lee, even though hard feelings persisted after Chicago's Alfonso Soriano riled the San Diego bench by allegedly showboating after a home run the day before.


And, let it also be said that instead of dusting himself off after getting hit and trotting to first, Lee got up, walked around, took some steps toward the mound, engaged verbally with Young and then took the first swing (a pretty limp one at that, one that looks as though he really, really didn't want to connect. The video shows that had he truly wanted to get at Young in the ensuing melee, he could've, but opted to wait as "cooler heads" held him back. Muey macho).



I understand the heat of battle, and the Cubs certainly show more fight between pitches these days than they do when the game is on. Recent hot streak aside, these are some true underachievers at this point in the 2007 season.

Lee is a team leader, 31 years of age, knocking down some 13 mil a year.

Contrast his actions Saturday with those of Fielder a few weeks ago against the Pirates at Miller Park.

Fielder got dusted by Pittsburgh hurler Matt Capps May 5th. Rather than charge the mound or do something stupid, Fielder got up and trotted down to first. Capps got ejected, and later would absorb a four-game suspension.

The true revenge, though, came one day later.

Fielder homered twice, then singled and scored the winning run as Milwaukee beat the Bucs--and, as luck would have it, he plated said score as Capps was back on the mound. Again, Fielder kept his cool, letting his actions on the field dictate the terms of his vengeance. Sure, he called Capps everything but a child of God as he headed back toward the dugout, but NEVER did he make a move at the previous night's tormentor. All Capps could do...was slink back to the mound. Brewers win. Fielder gets his pound of flesh.


Fielder is 23. He makes a fraction of what Lee knocks down. Another sign that the bio and the paycheck aren't always the measure of a ballplayer.

Suddenly, I feel a lot better about being a Brewers fan.

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