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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Is Michael Vick The Tip Of The Iceburg?

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The world no doubt knows by now about Michael Vick and the allegations that link him to a rather sizable dog fighting ring. He claims not to have taken part, but rather that he's a victim of the sleazy doings of relatives and their friends who used one of his homes for their ill-gotten gains.

I've heard sports-talk hosts say that Vick would be in less trouble if he'd done a Pacman Jones on someone--their take being that fans tolerate all manner of sick things someone might to to someone else, with zero tolerance for what a person might do to an animal.


Wednesday's New York Times ran the following piece about the prevalence of the pit bull in some NFL circles, and all but says there's a chance Vick isn't the only player with something more than a passing knowledge about the world of dog fighting.

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