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Nelson Mandela laid to rest minus controversy, carnival

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Sunday, the world behaved itself, at least the portion of it that attended Nelson Mandela's burial in South Africa.

It didn't a few days before at his memorial service.

The icon was laid to rest without the spectacle of a camera mugging "translator" for the deaf who was signing in his own indecipherable language. It made for great "Saturday Night Live" material but robbed the occasion of dignity.  



It wasn't hard finding the Kimmel bit--type "Mandela" into the YouTube searech box and "sign language" comes up first.  So much for that quest for equality and the destruction of apartheid.  Never mind that Nobel Peace Prize.  "Mandela" on YouTube renders us none of the above.

Speaking of which, what were you thinking, President Obama, when you posed for that selfie?  The legion that already despises you got fresh fuel for its raging fires, ones that already burned bright after you shook the hand of Cuba's Raoul Castro.

Enter Jon Stewart.


Credit Michelle Obama for not taking part, for being the adult in the row.

The burial provided no such hijinx. Nothing that happeend Sunday will be parodied, skewered, politicized, or criticized.   A great man was laid to rest with dignity. 

As he should be, and that's how he should've been remembered a few days before when the whole world was watching.


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