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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

It's not a question of if: when will the St. Louis Cardinals be offended by the Boston Red Sox?

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Game one of the World Series is in the books.  The only thing more amazing than the a-typical sloppy St. Louis play in the Cardinals' loss is the fact that no Redbird player, team official or fan is taking umbrage at something one of the Red Sox did last night, some perceived crime against the past time called out by the self-appointed Lords Of All That's Proper With America's Game.

I thought such crap ended with manager Tony LaRussa's departure--it was on his watch that Cardinal Nation threw the flag on the Milwaukee Brewers who had the audacity to untuck their jerseys after a win.  Hmm, they sniffed as one.  Stan Musial NEVER would've done such a thing.  Respect the game.

LaRussa's gone but the 'tude remains.  Cardinal players didn't like how the LA Dodgers comported themselves in the National League Championship Series.

Which is why God made Deadspin.

Here's a link (forwarded to me by executive producer Eric Brooks).   It's delicious, especially if you're tired of the Cardinals a) winning and b) doing it as they seemingly pull All-Star quality replacements from out of their organizational dupa while c) complaining about how every for disrespects the game they claim to love like no one else.

It's not a question of if, but when.  At some point, Boston will do something that'll set the Cards off.  An aggregious act that'll have the Gashouse Gang twirling like drill bits in their individual graves.  Something that'll have all of St. Louis saying, in unison, "You know what Bob Gibson would've done to that guy the next time he came up to bat?"

Any good baseball fan respects what the Redbirds have done the past couple of decades, the way they've succeeded despite whatever bad seems to happen: injuries, free agent departures, even the death of a stud pitcher.  I tip my hat to that, but a little bit of vomit comes up the back of my throat each and every time proclaim themselves the keepers of the game's propriety.

And it'll happen before this Fall Classic is up.   Bet on it.


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