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Logo mojo: Madison tweaks while Milwaukee sleeps

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There's no place in Wisconsin like Madison.

Home to state government and the sprawling UW campus, not to mention its lakes and isthmus, our capitol city is unique onto itself.  It is hailed by many as an ideal place to live and work, but that's not to say it doesn't have its problems.

For one, it doesn't know how to present itself to the rest of the world.  Madison has logo issues.

Here's the current one...



...and here's the one some want to change to:



Which one will prevail?  Who knows.  But at least they're talking.  Milwaukee, on the other hand, isn't.  Not that we have to.  The old tried-and-true still pops up when you do a Google search of "Milwaukee logo":

Good. Clean. Simple.  But have you taken a look at the city's official flag?



"Dated" is one term that comes to mind.  "Poorly drawn" is another.  

Personally, I like "hot mess".  The native American depicted in the upper left quadrant of the gear looks to have been penned by a third grader.  The skyline seems to be circa 1945.  And is that County Stadium I see?


Yes, our city has bigger issues but isn't it about time someone re-do our city's signature laundry and drag it, however reluctantly, into the 21st century?   Make this a class project at MIAD.   Turn a bunch of students loose with some Apple laptops.  Give monkeys at the Zoo a box of crayons and a stack of printing paper to see what they come up with.

It's gotta be better than what's flapping in the breeze now.



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