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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

"If I only have an hour in Milwaukee, what should I do?"

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The question caught me totally flatfooted.

It came from my airplane seat-mate last weekend, a guy from Albuquerque, New Mexico who was flying to our area to pick up a car for his wife.   Seems the only place he could find her desired make/model was southeast Wisconsin, at least one with the one accessory she couldn't live without--a heated steering wheel.

I digress.

We'd made speaks a few times on the flight back from San Francisco but things grew quiet as the trip continued as he immersed himself in the new ride's owners manual and I dove into my Nook.   Milwaukee was beneath our wings as we readied to land.   It's then that he asked me the question that caught me unaware.

"If I only have an hour in Milwaukee," he asked, "what should I do?"   

Actually, he had a few hours to kill while he waited to pick up his wife's car but I was still flummoxed.  I lamely suggested a ride up and down the lakefront through downtown but surely there had to be more options on an early autumn Saturday afternoon.

Damned if I could come up with any on the spur of the moment, though.

My wife saved our bacon by suggesting a visit to the Harley Davidson Museum--perfect, since our new friend was into such things.   Crisis averted.

You get the benefit of time before answering, but let me bounce the question off you: if I only have an hour in Milwaukee, what should I do?


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Milwaukee, WI

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