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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

A vanishing sound of summer? Oh, how I miss "Turkey In The Straw"

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Certain sights and sounds can trigger the senses and cause involuntary responses. 

A smell can invoke a distant memory on a moment's notice.

For folks my age, it can be as simple as the sound of "Turkey In The Straw" being played over and over and over again through a tiny horned speaker, the song getting louder and louder in the distance on a warm summer day.

Yep, I'm drooling just thinking about it: the ice cream truck is coming!



Or is it?


Listener Bruce Kosbab dropped me this e-mail Tuesday morning: "Now that summer is over and I look back on the outdoor concerts and the fun at the backyard barbecues, I realized that there was one thing that was missing. I did not hear the sound of the ice cream truck coming through my neighborhood  2 - 3 times a week this year. It may sound crazy, but I kind of missed the annoying "The Entertainer" music playing in the distance and then finally coming down my street. Is this another thing that is going by the way side?".

Nor did I, come to think of it.

As a kid, we lived near a park which was fertile ground for any ice cream truck driver.  Fish in the proverbial barrel.  Remember the terror as you'd rush home to ask your parents for money, worried that the truck would pull away before you snagged some cash and got back in line?   Would you be the only kid in the neighborhood left without an Eskimo Pie or a Drumstick?  Just as a hot dog ALWAYS tastes better when there's a baseball game in front of it, didn't the ice cream, popsicles and other stuff that came through the window of an ice cream truck taste a bazillion times better than anything that came from the kitchen fridge?

There's a lot to be said about presentation and ambiance, I guess.

If you heard "Turkey In The Straw", "The Entertainer", or any other ice cream vendor musical favorites this summer, let me know.  Even if you didn't.  It would be sad to see these songs of the season vanish, but then again, this might speak to a bigger issue: how many kids do you see playing on the streets or in your neighborhood parks on a warm, sunny day?  How many times did you drive past your area baseball diamond this summer only to find it empty, even on the best of afternoons or evenings.

No kids--no ice cream trucks.

And summer gets just a little quieter.  And a tad bit sadder.

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