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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

It was only 1967 but Walter Cronkite knew what your home would look like now...

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YouTube served this up to me this morning under the guise of "recommended for you."

 Its from a program Walter Cronkite used to host in the 60's called "The 21st Century", a spinoff of his "20th Century" series which looked back on key moments in history.  As you might expect, "The 21st Century" was forward-thinking.  Sorry for the over-explanation.

And, in one 1967 segment, Cronkite nailed it.






Computers and screens and printers.  Oh my.

Okay, they didn't foresee the fact that there'd be a day when you could do all of those functions off a single screen thanks to something called the Internet, or that there'd be a day when we could do all of those functions via a telephone the size of a deck of cards.  And then there's that business about "a man" never having to leave home to go to work.  Women's lib hadn't really taken hold yet in '67.

Still, the fact is they were able to predict with better-than-decent accuracy the fact that computers were going to change our lives and put information at our fingertips at a time when transistors were seen as a radical new technology.   The terms "digital" and "computer chip" weren't in the vocabulary back then.

Think of Mr. Cronkite as you sit on your home office right now, looking at him calling your future 46 years ago.

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