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The story behind the Pinocchio/Braun shirt

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His name is David--I'll keep his last name out of this--and he's the guy who sported this shirt at Wednesday's Brewers/Cardinals game.


Pretty slick.  Very authentic.  And, for at least a night, mildly popular--my buds at Today's TMJ4 gave it some air and it got some social media buzz, too.

Which is why David got in touch--I didn't introduce myself when I snapped his photo but I'm guessing he put two and two together and figured it all out.

Here's what he e-mailed:

" I was the fellow at the game yesterday with my kids -- wearing the Pinocchio-Braun shirt.    Had lots of fun with other fans.  While we live in the north suburbs of Chicago, I grew up in Milwaukee and attend games at Miller Park regularly - the best park in the Majors, and way better than the dump that is known as Wrigley Field!  

It was fun to get phone calls and text from Milwaukee family members that had seen a reference to this on TV last nite and then on the radio this morning."
So, how did the shirt come to be?
"The day after the suspension announcement, I came up with the idea and went to the shop at    I was able to order a customized T-shirt and received it about 10 days later, all the while wondering if I would actually receive it.  Funny thing, was that I told a buddy of mine about it, and then he went on-line a few days later and was unable to order anything customized with a Brewer logo on it."
Timing.  The secret to great comedy, as well as classic baseball commentary.

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