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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Meet Nick Beef who's spending eternity next to one of the most infamous men who ever lived

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Mystery solved.

For years, folks wondered who "Nick Beef" was.  A headstone for Mr. Beef sits in a Fort Worth, Texas cemetery right next to that of Lee Harvey Oswald.  Yep, THAT Lee Harvey Oswald.

Folks wondered who Beef was and how he got such a resting place--was it by choice or accident?  Just who was this guy anyway?

The New York Times cracked the caper.

Turns out Beef still walks among us in the person of Patric Abedin, a New York City performance artist who bought he plot next to John Kennedy's accused killer 15 years ago as a homage to the late President.  Seems Abedin, then six, met JFK the night before the assassination--the Kennedys stayed in Fort Worth before flying to Dallas the next day.   He and his mom would occasionally stop at Oswald's grave in the years that followed, with her telling him that he should never forget the fact that he met Kennedy the day before his demise.  

Saying it was a place where he felt comfortable, the adult Abedin would later plop down $177 for the spot next to Oswald and decorate it with a head stone bearing the name of his alter ego.  

Speculation began.  Who was Beef?  Was he in on the conspiracy to kill JFK?  Or, was it just a ruse, a way for those who wanted to visit Oswald's grave to find the assassin's plot (the cemetery wouldn't give it out to the general public).  They could instead as for Beef, and find LHO.

No conspiracy. Just a guy who had a brush with greatness and who picked a strange, somewhat morbid way to commemorate it.

And no, he won't be buried there. Abedin says he's going to be cremated.



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