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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Some of us would complain if we were hanged with a new rope...

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You needed two hands to make it through the Miller Park turnstiles Sunday.

First, they gave you a bobblehead.  Then, they handed you ten bucks.

And still, some complained.

This was the first weekend of the Brewers voucher program which puts ten fresh dollars into the hands of fans who come to games this month.  There are 12 such occasions, meaning a season ticket holder could pocket $120 worth of glue that can be turned into food, drink (even booze), merchandise and anything else within the stadium's walls.  It's the team's way of saying thanks for still coming out amid the Ryan Braun mess and a team that fell out of contention before the Indy 500.

There is a learning curve, though, when it comes to good will.

The biggest concern/issue/complaint came early on when anxious fans used their vouchers on things that cost less than ten bucks.  They expected change back from their voucher.  The Brewers say, "no".  And, it makes sense, at least from the team's standpoint.  You're getting ten free bucks to use at the stadium.  When is the last time you got free money at a Major League ballpark?   Yet some beefed about the promotion being unfair, and signs had to be posted to explain the policy and to make sure good will didn't turn bad.

Which is, well, too bad.  People will game any system, no matter how well meaning.  I could see a "fan" buying the cheapest item possible--is there anything that costs a dollar or less at Miller Park?--then taking the remaining cash and making a solid investment with their new-found cash. 

Like the slots at the local casino just down the road.

The Brewers are trying to make good on a bad thing--several bad things, to be precise.  I had absolutely no problem finding places to leave my ten dollars Sunday afternoon--my daughter and I pooled our two vouchers together to pay for our food and beverage tab.  $20 well spent, if I don't say so myself.  And, the Brewers rewarded us with a win.

Let's not look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth, fans.  Vouchers can be saved and redeemed later, so you can take a handful to the Fan Zone and have yourself a healthy down payment on a really nifty garment.  Or, you can use them the way I did and take nice bite out of your tab.  You can even buy more tickets. It's free money.  Use it.  

A city usually so adverse to change shouldn't expect it this time around.  


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