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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

A thumb-sucker for the dog days of sports...

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We're in one of those dead spots on the sports calendar when there's only one major institution--MLB--playing meaningful games.   Basketball, hockey and football are in their respective off-seasons.  Nothing is overlapping, unless you follow NASCAR and Wimbledon. 

NFL camps open this month--not soon enough for a league whose major off-season drama involves a star accused of murder. offers a diversion: fans get to choose the best uniforms of all time.  It's not much, but for Packers fans it's something to do other than watch reruns of a certain 49'er quarterback mackin' on his biceps again.

Green Bay fans know, of course, that the Packers uniforms are the best of all time and that the balloting is an exercise in stating the obvious.   Vince Lombardi did wonderful things during his stay, among them giving the team the look it still sports today.   Sure, there've been minor tweaks, but there's no messing with a classic.  Former GM Ron Wolf found that out when the briefly considered changes in the 90's.   The fan base arose and the idea was quickly shelved.

There's a throwback division, too, and the green and gold didn't make the cut (fact is, they were blue and gold or even white and gold for many years).  The prohibitive favorite is the San Diego Chargers original power blue look from their AFL days.  




Pretty darn slick, even in their road whites.

My personal favorite didn't make the cut.  I remember watching old NFL Films weekly recap shows on Saturday nights when I was a kid in the mid 60's, back before the day when virtually every game was on the tube and you could watch highlights on ESPN.  The only way to see other teams was to tap into the weekly half-hour program and there was one team that always caught my eye--the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They were wretched back then, but they had the most unique (to many garish) look on the gridiron.

So bad, they're beautiful.  Chuck Noll would arrive, scrap the cowl look, adopt uniforms that looked not all that unlike the Packers and win a hand full of rings.  

Good luck with the "dog days".  Support your Brewers--the kids are fun to watch, tailgating is always a hoot and they still have several bobblehead days coming up.   The Bucks are making things interesting with their offseason moves (doesn't O.J. Mayo sound like a description of what's on the top shelf of your refrigerator?) and St. Norbert will soon come to life as the Packers report for camp. 

Can't happen soon enough.  Let's have another crack at the Niners.

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