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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Where to get your JFK freak on

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Hi, my name is Gene and I'm a Kennedy assassination freak.

Hi, Gene.

Chances are you already knew that, especially if you dip into The Cold Filtered Ramblings on occasion.  I don't apologize.  I only ask that you bear with me especially as the 50th anniversary of the event approaches.

The emergence of the Internet over the past half century allows those so inclined to immerse themselves in details, theories, films and video to the heart's content, all with the click of a mouse.   There are a bunch of great sites out there including one by Marquette professor John Mc Adams.   And, there's another one I'd suggest: the Dallas Morning News, which has the obvious advantage of a vast assassination archive and access to local folks who lived through the ordeal.  The "JFK at 50" section seems to be free--at least for now--and t's a place where even a freak like me is learning new stuff.  Check out the story about Texas Governor John Connally and the twisted political ties he shared with Kennedy even before one of Lee Harvey Oswald's bullets would link the two forever in history.  It was Connally who alerted the nation about Kennedy's adrenal condition--Addison's disease--in hopes the revelation would derail JFK"s 1960 presidential bid and allow Connally's friend, Lyndon Johnson, to win the nomination.   There's another story about the limousine, rife with detail about one of the world's most famous automobiles.  

Enjoy, if indeed this stuff is up your ally.  The story may be 50 years old and may have been told a kazillion times, but these sites show there's almost always a fresh angle, even a half century later.

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