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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Happy Birthday TaB

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Can't remember my last swallow of TaB, but I'll never forget this commercial.



Yep, that left a mark.

TaB turns 50 years old this May 1st.  It was Coca-Cola's first try at a low calorie beverage--Diet Rite was it's only competition at the time--and still has a small if devoted fan base.   My encounters with the one-calorie beverage are few and unremarkable   I recall it tasting rather, well, bad.   

TaB came in a pink can, long before that color was fashionable.



Apparently, it still does.

A web story I found on says Coke makes about three million cases of TaB a year--a piddling amount, compared how much of its other brands it cranks out.   

Amazing amid all those brands plus stylish waters, energy drinks and Gatorade knockoffs that TaB is still surviving.   Especially when you consider the taste.

To those who love it, though, there's apparently nothing like TaB.   

Except for the can, which is what I remember it tasting like.


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