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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

50 years ago this things might've changed

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We all know about November 22, 1963.   Seven months from now, we'll be remembering JFK.

But what about April 10th, 1963?   .

It was this week a half century ago that Lee Harvey Oswald attempted his first murder, firing a shot into the home of General Edwin Walker in Dallas, Texas.   The slug hit a part of a window frame and missed Walker by inches.     Investigators weren't able to positively link the bullet to Oswald's rifle, but he left his wife what amounted to a farewell note beforehand, and would tell her that he tried to kill Walker when he got home following his failed attempt.

She didn't tell anyone, including police.  Marina Oswald didn't speak English and was a stranger in a strange land, living with an erratic and estranged husband while trying to raise their kids.  Maybe she was worried about being left alone, or having to go back to the Soviet Union if Oswald ended up in prison.   She might've feared jail herself.

That November, Oswald would use the same rifle to kill President John Kennedy.  It was only after the assassination that his wife fessed up about the attempt on Walker.   My friend, Marquette University political science professor John McAdams, has a detailed explanation of the Walker affair on his Kennedy assassination blog.

How things would've been different had Oswald been caught, or if his try on Walker had worked.   If nothing else, it shows Oswald had a homicidal tendency that even his most ardent defenders have a hard time explaining, although there are theories that try to explain away Oswald's guilt in the Walker affair by blaming the try on others.  Never mind the farewell note, or the confession to his wife afterward.

What happened 50 years ago this week in Dallas proved Lee Harvey Oswald had a taste for blood.  He would quench it seven months later.  




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