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Can't agree more--a Favre/Packers truce has to be organic, not synthetic

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On this, the day hope springs eternal and everyone in Major League Baseball starts tied for first, let us entertain a thought about the Green Bay Packers.

Fun as it was to see Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers cutting it up at the NFL Awards show this past winter, it was even more intriguing to project even further to a day when Favre would be back at Lambeau in the loving embrace of Packers Nation.

Don't hold your breath.

It was a first step, to be sure, but as the Green Bay Press Gazette's Mike Vandemause opines, such a day is not around the corner.  

Hard to believe it's five years since Favre's tear-filled 'retirement', but Vandermause says the wounds are still too fresh.  Such an event, he adds,  can't be forced or manufactured by the national media which, you can bet, would LOVE to see such a human drama play out sooner rather than later.   The last thing it can be is phony, or faked for a camera.   

Vandermause says two things have to happen before the burying of any such hatchet can happen: Favre has to let go of his anger against the organization, and fans have to do same about Favre, especially when it comes to his foray with the Vikings.    Favre, Vandermause rightly points out, only wanted to go to Minnesota to show his old bosses he still "had it".  Galling as that was for lots of Packers fans to see, he was perfectly within his rights to do so.   That said, it's still going to take a while for the hard feelings to relent.

For that and other solid reasons, it's probably going to be a  while until that day comes, the one during which Favre and family stand at midfield as his number 4 gets unveiled as part of the Pack's ring of honor.   And really, what's the rush?   Both sides will know when the time is right.

That time just isn't quite now.

Now, back to baseball season, already in progress.


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