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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

No, that's not Ken Macha on page 11 of Sunday's sports section

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I must've missed a memo.

Got a note from a buddy who works at the Journal/Sentinel Saturday night, warning me that my mug was in the paper, which isn't necessarily always a good thing.

I don't have the internet chops to show you the ad, but if you turned to page 11 of your Sunday sports section, there it was.   MIght've killed your appetite for that second hard-boiled Easter egg or another Peep.

I had no idea the station was going to use me in the ad touting our Brewers coverage, and don't know if it's our strongest selling point.   If fact, I know it's NOT.  More than one person asked if that was me in the picture, or former manager Ken Macha. 

I'm girding my loins for plenty of grief come Monday morning but, then again, I won't be around the station to catch it: I'm out at Miller Park at the crack of dark, doing the show from our Tailgater parked behind the home plate gates.  Then, it's off to the parking lots to do a few stories on the asphalt pre-game hijinks before I snag my usual seat for the game.   By Tuesday, the ad will be old news.

I hope I didn't make your kids cry.   The make-up artist did a great job of embalming me.   My teeth are free of debris.   Every hair seems in place and none are waving "hello" from my nose or ears.   Considering the bad things that can happen when one ends up in print, I guess I got off light.   It's not a mug shot.  I'm not doing a perp walk, or flanked by lawyers.   My house isn't in flames over my shoulder.  

Let the season begin.  Baseball is back, even if the jarring visage in our Sunday ad might've distracted you from that fact.   Now more than ever, you know mine is a face for radio, and radio is a wonderful place for Brewers ballgames.   After one of the most meteorologically depressing months of March in recent memory, who among us isn't ready for some green grass, hot dogs and fast balls?   Let's light this candle.

I know just what we can use to spark the flame.  

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