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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Really? There's such a thing as "Sandy Hook truthers"?

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With every tragedy comes a band of folks that doesn't buy the official line.

26 people are gunned down at an elementary school in Connecticut and inevitably, there has to be a group that just can't accept the fact that a teenage boy with a twisted man and serious firepower did the deed, all by himself. talked to one of these so-called Sandy Hook truthers, someone who they say doesn't fit the profile of what they deem the traditional conspiracy buff.  

Skepticism isn't a bad thing, and it's healthy to ask questions.   There's another subset of folks who will never buy the official take on events, who'll always see black helicopters in the skies and Uncle Sam's fingerprints on everything.    

Others can't accept the random and, sometimes tragic, nature of life.    Something as awful, as large, as devastating as September 11 can't be blamed on a group of 20 or so terrorists.   Pearl Harbor catapulted us into World War II but there is still a school of thought pitching the theory that it was all part of President Roosevelt's plan to inject us into the fray.   The Kennedy assassination?   It couldn't be as simple as a lone nut with a bent rifle getting off the shot of his inept life, could it?   That chestnut has had traction for a half century and will only gain traction as the 50th anniversary approaches this fall.

And, no matter how much information authorities release, it's never enough--there's always one more "hidden" report.   And, when the missing paperwork DOES come out, it often conflicts with the initial early reporting of the tragedy which only adds fuel to the conspiratorial fires.  And so, the theories continue.   What's worse: obviously guilty folks like Lee Harvey Oswald or the Sandy Hook shooter get absolved of their heinous acts, becoming objects of sympathy in the eyes of the truthers.

We have a right to free speech, but not to our own facts.  Then again, with the web, YouTube, blogs and new media, "facts" of any creation can be spread as truth to a part of the public that seems all too willing to eat them up.



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