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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

"The Truth Hurts--But It Doesn't Pay"

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Don't you love it when you really, really believe in something and THEN see it get validated in print?

So it was this morning when I stumbled across a news story from a New Jersey paper.   The simple headline--repeated at the top of this blog--said it all:

"On The JFK Assassination: The Truth Hurts--But It Doesn't Pay."

What follows is a story about still another Kennedy assassination author--no, not another grassy-knoll conspiracist who sees snipers behind every fence and CIA/Mafia/LBJ motives.  Mickey Carroll is a reporter who was actually in Dallas covering the story and talking to the people closest to it--if he is to be believed, Carroll was even able to work his way to Lee Harvey Oswald's jail cell moments before he was killed, close enough to ask the accused killer if he actually pulled the trigger.   Oswald, Carroll says, didn't answer.

Carroll says he's writing the book to set the record straight, knowing that it won't sell many copies (it's self-published, meaning it won't have much promotional push outside of what he can generate on his own).  That, he says, is because the truth doesn't always sell.  Conspiracy and conjecture move the merch.

Get ready for plenty of both in the months ahead, leading up to November 22, 2013 and the 50th anniversary of the assassination.   You'll see all the old, familiar faces: Mark Lane, for one, who has been ringing the conspiracy bell before the ink was dry on the Warren Commission report.   Lane and others will make the same old claims, make new calls for release of secret documents, make the same old pitches about the government lying (which always strikes a chord no matter the story).

Lane and the others NEED the conspiracy talk to continue to validate their existence.   No ongoing debate?  No reason for Lane to give speeches, interviews and book pitches.   He goes back to whatever he was before the assassination industry kicked on.   If Oliver Stone would've wanted to pitch what really happened in "JFK", it would've been seen by about 12 people.  By throwing every grassy-knoll theory against the cinematic wall to see what would stick, he made millions while spreading half-truths to a generation that wasn't even alive when the killing happened, allowing the conspiracy germ to proliferate anew.

The conspiracy folks are probably sleeping in these days, taking their vitamins and eating healthy in anticipation of the long days that lie ahead.   Forums and documentaries will be done.   There's a lot more of the media beast to be fed these days--cable and internet plus the traditional outlets--and the 50th annniversary of JFK's demise is an obvious topic.   Guests need to be found, pros and cons need to be weighed and those who don't buy the government line will be in huge demand.   And you can bet that, in return for their opinions, the conspiracy folks will be allowed to pitch their latest book alleging all manner of official misdeed and cover-up.

Mickey Carroll?  I doubt his phone will ring very often because, as the headline says, the truth hurts but it doesn't pay.  

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