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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Two eyeballs and a whole lot of free time

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As you know from my previous blog, I'm going to be a little "disposed" Tuesday evening, preparing for a minor examination Wednesday morning.

I see this not as an inconvenience but instead an opportunity.   I have to be at home.  I can't eat.  I can't do booze.  It's going to be me in the man-cave (yes, there's a bathroom) with lots of time.   It's a chance to get caught up on all of those movies and TV shows I've promising myself I'd get to.  There's really no excuse.  Now, it's just a matter of prioritizing.

It's a chance to see some cinematic classics for the first time: "Casablanca" or "Citizen Kane"?



 Never saw "Schindler's List".  Then there's "The Princess Bride" which everyone tells me is hilarious.  Maybe I'll just watch "Bull Durham" again for the 246th time--after all, pitchers and catchers are reporting this week, and I can never get too much of "The Clown Prince Of Baseball", the late Max Patkin.


I just started watching "House of Cards" on Netflix and love it--plus, all 13 episodes are there for the streaming, so's I could go on a real jag and crack off a good chunk of the opening season.


I've dipped a toe into the "Sons of Anarchy" waters, having watched a few hours of season one.  Good stuff, and it left me wanting more.  I did the same with "Justified", having taken just a big enough taste to know that I want to finish the whole meal.

So what would you suggest?   Should I stick with what I'm considering, or do you have something I should put at the top of my pile?    Leave your suggestions here because, Lord knows, I'm going to need something to keep my mind occupied while sucking Suprep and sipping broth.  


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