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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Things that make the Packers beyond cool: they have bacon in their fight song

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Some pals sent me a story this morning--an ode of sorts to the Green Bay Packers and all that's right about being a fan.   It warmed the heart and it jogged the memory.

For whatever reason, I started drifting back to my earliest recollections of the team, back to the Golden Days of Lombardi and Sundays spent watching black and white analog TV as Ray Scott uttered the simple, dignified phrase, "Starr...Dowler...touchdown."

A song would play during each ensuing kickoff--the team's official fight song.   Living in Sheboygan with a properly turned TV antenna, we could pick up local Green Bay stations which used the song virtually anytime the team was mentioned and almost always when producing a local show about the Pack.   A childhood friend had an album of NFL fight songs--we played the grooves off it--and Bart Starr did the introduction.  

A quick bit of the Googles brings us both the tune--and the lyrics.   Look at the last line.



Bacon as a lyric.  Paul McCartney never did that, but Eric Karll did in 1931 when "Go You Packers Go" got its first public exposure.   At one point, Lawrence Welk of Champagne Music/Lennon Sisters fame bought the rights and, according to some web accounts, the late bandleader's estate may still have them.   As of seven years ago or so, the Pack's website said the song still was played after each extra point and following team introductions but I don't know if that's still the case. 

What I do know is that "bacon" is there, right in the songbook.

We may not have cheerleaders that Hollywood makes made-for-TV movies about.   We don't have a dig-me owner who fancies himself as GM, coach and franchise be-all.   We have a team owned by the fans in the smallest NFL market that wins more often than it loses, with a history that's the envy of the league and a stadium that rocks, packed with tailgating, beer-swilling fans who know their pork products.

And, who know what team brings the bacon home to old Green Bay.

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