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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Ignore the headlline. I'm not "Leaving"

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It was Monday night.  I was self-medicating my head cold with Sudafed and a hot cup of cider/brandy when my cell phone rang.

"Dad," my daughter asked.  "Did you write a blog today called 'Leaving'?"

Yes, I told her, but I thought I'd discarded it before I'd hit the 'publish' button.   The entire piece was called "Leaving Homeland" but, for whatever reason, only the first word of the title remained and somehow it ended up on the website.

People are posting comments, she said.  They think you're, well, leaving.  My son-in-law said someone tweeted something to that effect.

Oh, great.  That'll help.

So, here's what happened.   I came home right after getting off the air Monday  and took a death nap in an effort to bake the aformentioned head cold out of me.   After I woke up, I dipped into my DVR'd edition of Sunday night's "Homeland"--my usual Monday ritual.   And, as has been the case much of this season, I was disappointed--so much so, that I decided to blog about my discontent. 

"Leaving Homeland" is what I entitled the piece, rife with links to back up my take that the hit Showtime drama has become an unbelievable, shark-jumping morass in this, its sophomore season.   I was pretty happy with what I'd written but, upon further review, realized that I'd written a fairly similar critique not too long ago.   In the course of trying to obliterate said blog, I fat-fingered something and only the headline "Leaving" ended up on the web page.

I didn't look at the comments--my first priority was to fix the hot mess.  I'm flattered folks took time to wonder what was up, and apologize for any undue concern.   My bad.

The takeaway?   Don't blog on cold meds.   And maybe, just maybe, I shouldn't watch "Homeland" in a medicated state, either.  Or any other shows, for that fact.  Lord knows I might end up becoming a Kardashian fan.

Naw.  There ain't enough Sudafed in the world to make me THAT loopy.

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