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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

More work than it's worth? Or, the pain that comes when you fall out of love with a TV show

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(Disclaimer: If you're a "Homeland" fan and aren't caught up as to what's going on with Brody, Carrie and company, the following contains things you may not want to know)

I started sensing cracks in their game a few weeks ago.

Now, there's daylight streaming through them.

"Homeland" remains one of the hottest shows on cable TV.  The Showtime drama about a military hero-turned-terrorist earned tons of buzz it's first season out, and I was among the many who absolutely couldn't wait for season two.   Maybe you were like me, recommending it to friends while getting frustrated over the fact that it was hard to sell the series without giving away key plot lines.

Now, not so much.

Sure, any program requires a certain suspension of belief but the leaps of faith needed to swallow plot twists in "Homeland's" second campaign are becoming, well, distracting to say the least.   I've simply found myself saying, "Really?" or "Aw, c'mon!" far too often.

And, I'm not alone.   Granted, the Internet's inherent snarkiness means you're only a Google-search away from finding a like-thinker no matter what the topic, but I'm seeing more and more buzz about "Homeland" asking way too much of its fans in the course to trying to surprise/intrigue/titillate.

Then there are the show's ticks: Carrie's constantly strangled voice.  The emo daughter with the really long sleeves, wild hair and really crappy attitude.   And why does everyone call "Brody" by his last name--even his wife?

"Saturday Night Live" did a "Homeland" send-up a few weeks ago, and it was hard to tell if it was an acknowledgment of the show's massive popularity or a mirror being held up to reveal to a rabid fan base some of the drama's less attractive features.  

There are so many things to watch and so little time to take them in.  XBox, Netflix and other platforms allow you to go back in time to fall in love with great series from days gone by, shows like "Breaking Bad", "The Wire", and "Sons of Anarchy" to mention but a few.   A show that loses stride can easily slide off one's weekly DVR grid.

I haven't seen Sunday's most recent installment of "Homeland" yet.   The early reviews are mixed.   I might soon have a 60 minute hole to fill in my viewing grid, especially if the word, "Really?" comes spilling off my lips again.


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