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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Open arms for Vikings' Lambeau leapers

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Adrian Petersen did his best to break the hearts of Packers fans Sunday at Lambeau but nothing angried up the blood quite like that leap that punctuated a Vikings second-half touchdown.

"Sacrilege!" scream some who think tight end Kyle Rudolph's hop is bad form, rude, antagonistic and just plain inappropriate.

Personally, I'm angrier about Petersen rushing for more than 200 yards which was a far harsher insult to all that is green and gold, and I'm even more cheesed off about the proliferation of opposing fans in prime Lambeau seats.  I'd bet my best Jim Taylor retro jersey that the seats occupied Sunday by that pair of Minnesota chuckleheads belong to Packers season-ticket holders.   Maybe they couldn't go to the game and put them up for sale, not knowing who'd get them.   Maybe they figured that this was a game that would bring a pretty penny, perhaps large enough to cover all or part of their season-ducat tab.

It sucks, but it's also the new reality.  In a world where scalping is no longer illegal and encouraged by all manner of Internet brokers, it's only a matter of time before supply/demand supplant team loyalty in the seats, even in hallowed and previously impenetrable venues like Lambeau.   Time was when it was hard to spot opposing colors during pre-game Green Bay tailgates.   Now, not so much.   

It should be no surprise that all this co-mingling combined with a full day's worth of imbibing means potential trouble--like what went down at a Green Bay gin mill after the Pack's win.  As many as 30 people threw down, with two people arrested and at least one person hurt.   We here at the Cold Filtered Ramblings don't condone this sort of mayhem, but we're smart enough to see the potential for it when these ingredients get stirred together.

The Frozen Tundra is no longer the unique domain of Packers fans  The same is true around all pro sports--college, for that matter as well.   The sports marketplace changed and tickets can be had by anyone anywhere with enough money to make the buy and enough cash to make the trip.

Wanna be mad about Rudolph's Lambeau Leap?   You can be angry at a lot of people, but you can't deny folks the right to take part in what remains a very lucrative, digitally enhanced marketplace.   Sure, Bulls fans fill the Bradley Center when Chicago comes to Milwaukee but that's to be blamed on local ambivalence.   The same could be said when Cubs fans overran Miller Park, but the Brewers' resurgence and Chicago's collapse took care of that.

The marketplace gives.  It also takes away--in this case, the home field advantage in Green Bay, ticket by ticket, row by row until (gasp!) you're seeing Vikings leaping into welcoming arms after touchdowns.


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