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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Journalism by focus group: why Tim Tebow is always "news" on ESPN

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Cable TV is for the self-indulgent.   There's a channel for every taste, quirk and kink.

Right wing.  Left wing.  Oprah-centric.  24/7 cooking competitions.  A couple of outlets dedicated solely to retro shows, so you can watch crappy black-and-white dramas on your 53 inch hi-def rig.

And then, there's sports.   Every league has it's own channel, as do most college football conferences.

Plus, there's ESPN.

For many fans, it's THE place for highlights, scores and news.   That "news" part is being called into question more and more, especially after what it did (and keeps doing) with Tim Tebow.


The New York Jets backup QB, he of the huge college resume and narrow pro accomplishment is always, always, ALWAYS a story on the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader In Sports, even when he's doing nothing.

Why, you ask?

Turns out it's all your fault.


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