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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Aaron Rodgers on NFL bounties and the one thing you should NEVER say to him...EVER: the "60 Minutes" interview

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A lot of football fans go game-to-game-to-game on Sunday, leaving the rest of the world in the hands of others.

Things like news, prime time shows and the rest of pop culture pretty much go on the pay-no-mind list to those of that ilk.   Shows like "60 Minutes"?   They haven't caught Morley Safer's act since Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshire were doing the NFL late game on CBS, and certainly not since NBC starting doing Sunday night games.

So, it stands to reason a few of you might've missed Scott Pelley's sit-down with Aaron Rodgers this past Sunday night.

And you call yourself a Packers fan?

Here, as a public service, is the "60 Minutes" segment in it's entirity.   You'll enjoy it, unless you're the guy caught on camera near the end of the show saying something you should NEVER say to #12.



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