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Lesson learned: don't pick on Aaron Rodgers

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Guess I touched a nerve.   A big one. 

With a pick axe.

My previous blog about Packers QB Aaron Rodgers ("Is Aaron Rodgers more like Jay Cutler than we care to admit?") sparked fierce and frequent feedback, all in defense in the Green Bay signal-caller.  My point: Rodgers was wrong to call out one of his wide receivers on camera during the Thursday night win over the Bears.

"Idiot" is one of the nicer things readers had to say about me in the "comments" section.  An e-mailer said, "Rodgers gets mad at (James) Jones for a mental error for not running the correct route and he's not allowed to have one transgression in 8 years of exceptional sportsmanship?  Your article's title was inappropriate and harsh.  You have the best QB I've seen in over 20 years, but I feel as though the people in WI don't deserve him. I hope he comes back to play for a more deserving team here in California."

Might be time to don the disguise if I'm out in public.

Nice to see folks coming to Rodgers defense--that wasn't always the case in these parts.   Let the record show I love our quarterback as much as the next fan, and that I took plenty of grief when I stood up for #12 as he took over for Brett Favre.  

Fans apparently  love seeing coaches yell at players and, apparently, their quarterbacks barking at teammates (unless it's Cutler doing it to fellow Bears). 

I still don't think it's right for Rodgers to castigate teammates on camera.  There's a way to point out mistakes without being "that guy".  What would the thinking be if Clay Matthews got up in Rodgers' grill after an interception?  Cutler got caught doing the same thing Thursday night, yelling at one of his linemen after a sack., and is rightly dismissed in these parts as a hot-headed punk.   He doesn't have nearly the resume Rodgers does, but wrong is still wrong.  

As for bringing the subject up, well, that ship already sailed: I opined only after hearing the boys on the Fox Sunday morning pre-game show talk about it Sunday morning.   There's no bigger forum than that, so the topic is now in play.

I still love Rodgers.  Always will.  May his QB rating soar, may the Pack run the rest of the table and may we all be on Bourbon Street this winter drinking pre-Super Bowl hurricanes.   By then, this little tempest will have long since passed.

I hope.



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