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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

A major reveal, lost amid a busy month's headlines

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We're just entering the 13th day of August and it's already promising to be one of the most significant news months of 2012.

Just this past weekend we witnessed the ascension of Wisconsin's very own Paul Ryan to the number two spot on the Republican presidential ticket, as well as the extinguishing of the Summer Olympic flame in London.

It's hard to keep pace, and easy to miss something major.    Which is why, as a public service, we here at The Cold Filtered Ramblings work day and night, with teams of researchers and analysts scouring all available resources to make sure that nothing gets past your current events filter.

Okay, truth it's just me, using my Tweetdeck app on my phone but hey, I'm lookin' out for you.

Here's a morsel I snagged, one of those stories that might've been a far bigger deal had this been a typical late-summer stretch with little in the way of urgent news:


So said the headline in the Chicago Tribune over the weekend.   Not only does Dan Coudreaut spill the beans, he put it to video and posted it on YouTube.   And it's not just the sauce he reveals, either: he deconstructs all two-beef-patties-lettuce-cheese-pickles-onions and the sesame seed bun.




Okay, it's not the Coke formula, but the sauce was always one of those mysteries, dating back to the Big Mac's revelation in 1967.   That's back when the Mickey D's menu could be written on one of those stamp-sized post-it notes: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, double-cheeseburgers, Filet and fries.   No frappes.   Nothing grilled.   Salad?  Pishaw.

Two million folks watched the YouTube presentation since it went up June 23rd and the number will only grow as the story gets traction.   It's apparently part of the new McDonald's transparency campaign.   It would've been more legit had Mr. Courdreaut given way to one of the millions of teenage grill jockeys who make a bazillion Big Macs at various McDonald's around the world, but he does give the video a sense of I-can-do-it-so-you-can-too.

I haven't had a Big Mac in years, and probably won't anytime soon.   I spent most of the late winter and spring dropping suet so I'd look halfway in shape for my daughter's wedding in June, and don't feel like giving back any belt loops just yet.   Sure, one Big Mac wouldn't kill me but anyone who's lost a little weight knows the feeling that comes with that first bite of fobidden fruit: could I stop at just one?   Would I then go on some sort of Ronald McDonald binge, clearing off whole sides of the menu (skipping the aforementioned salad, of course) just to reacquaint myself with forbidden fruit?

I'll let it up to you, The Cold Filtered faithful, to test the recipe.  

I'll just stick to the diggin'.



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