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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Heading home

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A good vacation leaves you satisfied with what you did during your time away and anxious to return to the daily grind come Monday morning.

Mission accomplished.

No, I don't crave that 1:30 a.m. alarm after spending a few nights just getting to bed around that time the past week, but I'm ready to become a functioning member of society again.

It's always great to get out of town and the routine, to get a new look at how others live their lives.   My son and I got a healthy facefull of Chicago on the most recent of our baseball trips: Italian beef, deep dish pizza among other things, plus a healthy sample of ball park fare (yes, I go back on my usual dietary regimen come Monday, too).   We got to share the wonders of mass transit, sharing the El Friday with with a combination of White Sox and Lollapalooza fans (both were a sweaty, stinking mess after spending hours in the 90 degree heat) who got along quite nicely, considering the heat and the time of day.

Vacation gives perspective, and I got plenty of that from my boy during our days on the road.   I always do, but as I've said in a previous blog, this summer's journey is unique in that it's his last as a college student.   Next summer, he's hopefully going to be a working guy.  Sadly, that may make him unavailable for another such jaunt come 2013.

Watching your kid grow up--the ultimate perspective.

Topics on the road changed with age and what's said in the SUV stays in the SUV.   The trouble with the daily routine is that it too often denies you "alone" time, and that only accelerates as your child grows.   They get busy.  You already are.  Harry Chapin did not sing in vain.

There's one more day on the road as I write this--a Batman movie at the Navy Pier IMAX and one more ball game at Kane County before we call it a trip Saturday night.   Another summer adventure goes in the family archive, a bunch more pins in the Mueller Boys Baseball Trip map.

Will there be more?  Don't know.   Just glad for the ones I've had, especially this one.

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