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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Ruminations from the road

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Time was when these annual summer baseball trips with my son were devoid of technology, giving dad a chance to unplug from the job and cruise the country aimlessly, taking on ball games and amusement parks with nary a thought of Twitter, blogs or the World Wide Web.

That's SO 2003.

Which is when we started our treks, when laptops weren't mandatory travel accessories and cell phones were just, phones, really, minus web capability.   Now, both the kid and I are blogging (he, for and I'm in hourly touch with at-work communications lest Monday means two hours and 2,478 old e-mails to delete.

The wonders of the age.  

Which brings me to a few observations from the road:

--every couple of years, we get the same old debate about the Olympics and live/tape delayed coverage.  Talk all you will but nothing will change until NBC viewership drops and sponsors don't get their bang for the buck.   Judging from the early ratings, especially the ones for Milwaukee, the Peacock is doing just fine handing the games as is, thank you.

--vacation means maximum exposure to ESPN and I'm not liking what I see each morning--live, non-stop coverage of New York Jets training camp.   It's all Tim Tebow, all the time and it's nauseating, made even worse when some ESPN hack talks about "the media circus" surrounding the team.   That's right, Sal Palantonio, and you look really good in that ringmaster's top-hat and tails.    Ass clown.

--there's a lot of dead corn in central Illinois.   Our early leg of our trip took us to Peoria and Garmin chose not to use the federal interstate system to get us there.   That meant lots of two-lane roads, trips down small-town main streets and plenty of exposure to crispy stalks devoid of tassels.   Not a surprise, considering the drought.   Just a confirmation that we'll be living with it's after-effects for months.

--spending most of the rest of the trip in Chicago where we've parked the car and learned to use the CTA.  $23 buys you a week of unlimited rides, bus and El.   You get a real slice of the Windy City, the kind you don't get while stuck on the Dan Ryan.   It gets you where you're going extremely well.   It's you designated driver if you want to have some beers at Wrigley.   Wonderful stuff, and it won't cost me $30 to park my ride a mile away from the Friendly Confines.

--doing an old time steak dinner tonight.   Gene and Georgetti's is my pick, but I'm still open to suggestions.  Enter yours below.

Gotta run.  First pitch at 1:20.   Day baseball in Wrigleyville.   Sure, it's the Cubs but a bad day at the ball yard is better than a good day on the job.

Just kidding, boss.


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