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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Mark Cuban calls BS on ESPN's two biggest blowhards

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...and it was delicious.

As the self-proclaimed World Wide Leader in Sports was in the throes of its post-NBA-championship Labronathon, it made the mistake of inviting Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to the party, a guest who literally peed in the network punch bowl.

"First Take" stars Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith who I think regular ESPN fans will agree are the two most polarizing talking heads in Bristol, Connecticut.  Why people even bother to watch is beyond me, but some do and what they saw Friday morning was Cuban at his finest: refusing to play nice, calling the two out for dealing in generalities instead of facts.   He's at his best when he takes them to task for wallowing in hyperbole about James' performance in last season's NBA Finals loss to Cuban's Mavericks.    Where Bayless deals in blow-hard adjectives, Cuban deconstructs the game and describes how Dallas rendered King James so ineffective.   

ESPN isn't in the sports business--it's mission is to show most sports fans what they want to see (Tebow, Lebron, Kobe, the Yankees, the Red Sox and anything else that's trending on Twitter) or the sports it has under contract (wonder why you're seeing so much soccer all of a sudden?).

I give them credit for posting this verbal disemboweling on their own website. 


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