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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Strangest. Beer ad. Ever.

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Thanks to my former high school journalism advisor/current day advertising guru Dale Brown for unearthing this new Point Beer ad.




Free.  Key.

I went to UW/Stevens Point in the 70's and worked there into the early 80's.   I had occasion to pour more than my share of Point Special beer over my tonsils.   Back then, the extent of Point's marketing consisted of a radio jingle that sounded dated even back then, presumably recorded right after Marconi invented the medium.

"It's the beer that's light and clear

Point Special Beer.   Point Special Beer.

Brewed to perfection, it tastes so good.

Satisfies completely, like good beer should.

Better quality.   Smoothness--you'll agree!

Point...Special Beer."

Can't remember last night's dinner, but I can still recite a beer jingle by heart.   Says a lot, doesn't it?

Point sure has come a long way when it comes to marketing, as has the entire beer industry when it comes to how they pitch their suds.   It used to be about taste.   Now, it's about mountains that turn blue when the bottle is cold, or extra holes that you have to punch in the can to make the contents come out more smoothly.

Kinda makes me wonder what the Hamms bear is doing these days.





Hamms bear + Rocky Marciano + 60's Packers TV voice Ray Scott = great beer ad.

Anyone else kinda thirsty?

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