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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Worst fan in the world, alive and well and living in the Fox Valley?

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She's dead meat in some social media circles and on at least one sports web site.

She's the woman holding the mirror ball trophy a the end of Donald Driver's charity softball game in Appleton Sunday, the one who snatches one of Driver's shoes from the hands of a young boy.   The video is in the link above.  Or, here's a longer view from JSOnline that puts things a little bit more into context.

I don't understand why someone wants somebody else's shoe, even that of a famous athlete/network dance champion/great guy with colossal back-story.   This, from a man who owns a closet full of jerseys with other guys' names on the back.   Those jerseys, though, haven't been worn by anyone else.   The shoe and the sweatbands?   You get the drift.

I'm sure we'll find out who this woman is--it's the digital age, and if she doesn't come forward on her own someone who knows her will give her up via Facebook or Twitter.   Or, some Fox Valley Z-Morning Zoo will send their danger boy producer to stake out her house, hoping to jam a live mike in her face and get her to surrender her ill-gotten prize.

As we've said so often here at The Cold Filtered Ramblings, you now have to go through life assuming EVERYTHING you do may get caught on video.    Each one of us is a Zapruder in waiting, able to snag someone at their worst possible moment.   Bad as that is, we also have the capability to launch it around the globe for all to see with a few taps of a mobile phone keyboard.

So, you've been warned.

At first glance, the woman in question seems to be guilty of what she's accused of--robbing a child of a souvenir.   In her defense, it looks--if you watch carefully--as if he did, indeed, toss the spikes to her.   Her defense ends there: the boy snagged it, and any right-thinking adult would look at the situation and try to be the bigger person by letting the child keep it.   

That's our second rule here at The Cold Filtered: You ALWAYS toss the ball to the kid, or the shoe, or the sweatband, or whatever else falls off the player.  


We saw what happened in Texas a few weeks ago when the smiling, oblivious couple caught a ball tossed into the seats, leaving a little boy in tears.    That dust-up faded fast as the kid's parents would later claim that their son needed to learn the lesson that he can't always get what he wants.

The wonder of the web is that as soon as it gives unwanted/untoward attention, it soon snaps it back, having found someone new to target and ridicule for a new crime against humanity.   For all the warnings about constantly being in full public view and thus, a potential object of global video ridicule, there's no lack of new victims.

This woman has a chance, before the digital news cycle moves on, to do the right thing.   How much joy will se have looking at that shoe, presumably up on the same mantle with her home-made mirror-ball trophy, knowing the grief she got in getting it?


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