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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

One week to go

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Wisconsin's unprecedented gubernatorial recall happens a week from today.   For many, election day can't arrive soon enough.

Where do we stand?

Another Marquette Law School poll comes out tomorrow (Wednesday) and the numbers will let us know if the non-stop stream of commercials is having an effect.   Conventional wisdom says minds are made up and that the ads aren't running to change minds but rather to invigorate the base on both sides.    

Politico says Governor Scott Walker is playing it safe in the campaign's final days, even at Friday night's debate against Mayor Tom Barrett.   The Democratic challenger, meanwhile, remains on the attack with his campaign's teeth firmly sunk into the John Doe investigation of Walker when he was Milwaukee County exec.     The Journal/Sentinel's Dan Bice writes, "One Barrett adviser explained last week why the Milwaukee mayor, who is edging closer to becoming a three-time loser in gubernatorial contests, has put such a heavy emphasis on the secret investigation since the primary.  'I don't see a path to victory, barring additional criminal charges,' said the Barrett adviser, who asked not to be named."   Barrett's people deny that, and say their internal polls have the Walker lead dwindling to three per cent.

We shall see in a week, barring a recount.   Please Lord, if you love this state, let's have a clear winner and keep an eye on Waukesha County while you're at it.   They've had a hard time counting ballots the last couple of elections.

Will peace return to America's Dairyland June 6th?  Doubtful.   The John Doe will still be going on.   I don't see Michael Ellis and Jon Erpenbach suddenly linking arms to sing campfire tunes.  Partisan political times command a no-retreat/no-surrender mentality, as compromise is now seen as weakness and results in lawmakers getting voted out for having the audcacity to even consider to capitulate, be it ever so slightly.  Divisions are deep.   Emotions run hot.   Tensions are still high.

Chances are politics weren't a welcome subject at your Memorial Day family gathering.    I'm guessing you were more inclined to ask your neighbors to show you their 1040 so you could see how much they made last year than you were to inquire about how they're voting next Tuesday.   Or, maybe you live in a neighborhood where passions are worn on yard signs, almost as if to DARE a passerby to engage.

I don't see things changing by the 4th of July or Labor Day, either, no matter what happens in seven days.  


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