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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

I know what's wrong with the Brewers...

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I have seen the enemy, and he is me.

The Brewers are off to a mediocre start this MLB season.   As of this writing, they're 9-10 in the NL Central as they head to St. Louis and a weekend set against the defending world champs.

Much ink, RAM and sports radio airtime is getting burned, listing the Crews issues: lack of timely hitting, spotty starting pitching, shoddy middle relief, occasional lapses on the base paths, not enough sleep, too many get the drift.   The bottom line is that Milwaukee isn't hitting on all cylinders with about an eighth of the season already in the books.

I know EXACTLY what's wrong with the Brewers, and it has nothing to do with anything happening between the lines.

It's in the seats.

It's me.

I'm 0-5 this season when it comes to Brewers games I've caught in person.   The home opener against St. Louis?  A loss, as was the case when I saw them against the Redbirds a few days later.  The Dodgers, Rockies and Astros would also put a hurt on the home team with me as witness.   

True, I don't throw a single pitch or swing a bat.   I don't shag flies or decide to take two on a ball banging off the wall.   All I do is sit, but it's hard not to take this stuff personally.

And, it gets worse: I went to Wrigley to catch the Crew and the Cubs, who'd hand Milwaukee an ugly 8-0 setback.

Right-thinking people will dismiss this as ridiculous, a mere coincidence.   Then again, when do the words "right-thinking" and "sports fan" reside in the same sentence?

Win or lose, there's nothing like Miller Park, and like I've always said: a bad day at the stadium is better than a good day at work.   But sports is all about streaks, good luck charms, mojo, and not messing with same.   Teams do things when times are hard, too.   Ever hear of a "slump buster"?

I love the Brewers.  I've had season tickets for 15 years.  I go to other games not on my list of 20...a lot of them.  I watch.   I listen.   I cheer.  I fret.

And, I've got tickets for 15 more games. 

Let's see what happens on the road.   There are nine games between now and the Crew's next game at Miller Park May 7th.  I have tickets for Wednesday the 9th.  Do I stay home?

Talk me off the ledge, somebody.


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