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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

It Really Hurts Me To Write This...

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       We have the right to free speech, but as we get older, we don't have a right to make our thoughts known without a degree of pain.

       With each keystroke, it feels as though I have a rotting molar in my elbow, shoulder and neck--a nerve pain that can be best equated to one of the worst cavities I've ever had in my head.

       It started about a week ago and started messing with my sleep which is what finally sent me to the doctor yesterday.    I like to think of myself as someone who can live with a modicum of pain, but as someone who gets a max of four to five hours a night of rest, I can't afford to give up much more in the way of shut-eye.

      The diagnosis: a pinched nerve, which we'll try treating for now with anti-inflammatory and a mild sleep aid.   He figures it'll take as long as two weeks for the fire to go out and, if it doesn't, I get to go to a specialist who'll stick needles in me in a quest to find out where the kink in my nerve is.

       It's easy to find cause and effect when you're young: do too much of something, and you usually feel the result over the course of time.   Overuse brings predictable results.  

      That's the sucky part about getting old: waking up and having something ache, or tingle, or in extreme cases, fall off.    The doctor kept asking me if I'd done anything different over the course of the past couple of weeks that would've triggered my nerve issue and, for the life of me, there's nothing on my list of suspects (if you don't count a little bit of extended seasonal elbow bending).   I haven't changed my work-out routine.    I've done nothing extra-strenuous, with the exception of helping run boxes of Christmas stuff up and down the stairs.

      Bodies break down over the course of time, sometimes for no obvious reason.    It's one of the frustrations about advanced age.   For every senior discount you get at Kohl's, there's a fresh ache or a new mobility limit that you'll wake up to in the morning, not because you over-did it.    Most times, you've done nothing at all except steam up a mirror.

       As much fun as it would be to beef some more, it's time to giving my typing fingers and barking nerve a rest.    That pair of "r's" in the word "mirror" brought tears to my eyes.


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