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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Favre, The Snow And Other Things

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      I have a labradoodle to doggie-sit, a mancave to clean before the Rose Bowl and a ten a.m. New Year's Day appointment with Marquette and West Virginia at the Bradley Center.  Let's clear off the 2010 slate so we start a fresh calendar with a clear and shiny desktop:

--The only thing less surprising than the $50,000 fine Brett Favre is getting in connection with the Jenn Sterger affair is the fact it took the NFL nearly three months to complete it's investigation.    The Shield's decision comes with just one game left in the regular season and gives Favre the chance to start in what many think will be his final pro game.   But, as former Packers exec Andrew Brandt points out, don't believe what #4 says NOW about being done forever.   His annual "retirements" are always followed by an off-season healing process that includes a late-summer itch to return, and Brandt says no Favre fare-the-well is final until he stops scratching it.   That's right, folks: we may have another tractor watch in our future.

--Ford announces new technology that will block certain Sirius satellite radio stations deemed too raw for the ears of teenage drivers.    It also supposedly has the means to keep radio volumes low until young drivers buckle up.   Strange that it took Ford to come up with something like this, and not Sirius itself.   And, anything that makes kids safer behind the wheel is fine with me, especially if it doesn't involve giving police officers one more thing to be looking for.   We're already asking cops to make sure our kids are following the rules of graduated licensing and to keep us from texting ourselves into  head-on crashes.   And, any parent who wants to know more about what their teen is doing behind the wheel should look into American Family's Teen-Safe driver program which puts an actual camera into your car to monitor your child.   Some call it Big Brother.  I call it being on top of things.

--Packers Coach Mike McCarthy and company proved that they can win "the big game" with Sunday's thrashing of the New York Giants.   Now, they have to show that they can handle "the close game."   The narrow loss to the Patriots earlier this month helped pour fuel on the burning perception that the Pack can't pull a tight game out of the fire, a feeling that gained national cred that night.

--Interim Milwaukee County Exec Lee Holloway is getting plenty of blowback about his ambitious agenda.   Candidates for the job don't like it.   Neither does the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel.    Some don't like what he's proposing.    Others say Holloway isn't elected to be County Exec and should only serve as a caretaker until folks head to the polls to name Scott Walker's successor.    I wonder more about a County Board that installs Holloway as it's chairperson and, thus, puts him next in line for the job as County Exec.  Questions about Holloway's rental properties raise huge red flags about his choices.    If his ego is large enough to let that issue fester, why is anyone shocked that he's using Walker's departure to implement a power-grab that includes the firing of those he deems disrespectful of county government?    What's disrespectful is that his fellow supervisors put him in a position to do this.   Is it any wonder some want county government tossed on the ash-heap of history?

--He wasn't the mayor of a large U-S city but some of the best strategy I ever heard about running a town came from Jim Fiegleson who was large and in charge in Stevens Point when I worked there in the late 1970's.   "Cut the grass and plow the snow", Fiegleson once said when asked about how he was able to keep his job despite the efforts of his detractors.    New York's Michael Bloomberg should've had a Point Special or two with Fiegleson as he accrued his millions and continued his political ascension.    Bloomberg's predecessor, John Lindsay, got "snowed under" by a blizzard in the late 60's and a similar storm helped frost Michael Bilandic out of the job in Chicago in 1979.    Running a city isn't easy but providing basic services should be a no-brainer.   If Bloomberg considers a run for the White House in 2012, he will no doubt he haunted by the images the nation is seeing this week of a snow-bound Big Apple (including the really cool/not safe for work footage  of that plow taking out the SUV).



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