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The Cold Filtered Ramblings of Gene Mueller

Did I Miss Anything?

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     Geez, you leave work for a few days and look what happens: a routine Milwaukee traffic stop makes national news, a blizzard rolls through the region and a local radio legend retires.

     Oh, and the Brewers make a blockbuster trade while the Packers fight for their playoff lives minus Aaron Rodgers.

     Other than that, what did I miss?   I tell you what I DIDN'T long for: that 1:30 a.m. call to arms every Monday through Friday but then again, the worst part about my job is waking up to do it.   After that, I'm livin' a dream.

    What I did miss was being able to sound off on the big stories, so allow me to get caught up:

--The Pack's narrow loss to the Patriots Sunday night isn't a deal-breaker and gives fans confidence in Matt Flynn as Aaron Rodgers' backup.   What scares me is Green Bay's systemic inability to achieve peak performance in the closing moments of games.    There remains an issue in that regard, no matter who has his hands under the center's butt.

--Could Doug Melvin make a more breathtaking move that the one that brought Zack Greinke to Milwaukee over the weekend?   That's the kind of trade that shapes franchises and, more importantly, invigorates a fan base.   The hiring on Ron Roenicke and the acquisition of Shawn Marcum are solid moves, but aren't going to sell a glut of season tickets.   Greinke--and the promise of a reformulated rotation--will.   More importantly: Melvin was able to pull it off without having to deal Prince Fielder.     The Brewers give up a bit of their future but hang onto their major offensive weapons.     Melvin is putting it all on the line in 2011.

--I didn't get to hear his final show start-to-finish, but kudos to Jonathan Green for using his final hours on TMJ to do nice things for kids.   No mopey trips down memory lane, no replaying old bits, no goodbyes from colleagues past and present.    Jon did what he does best in his closing moments: he used radio to bring the community together for a good cause and had a few laughs in the process.    Few of us in this business get a chance to manufacture our own final broadcast moments.    Hope I'm as productive as Jonathan was if I get the chance.

      What approaches are usually two of the quieter weeks of the year in terms of news.   Congress is home, as is most everyone else.   The current events cycle goes into retrograde, with features on the big stories of the past 12 months and obits about those we lost since we last sang "Auld Lang Syne".     I'm tanned, rested and ready for the end of 2010 and anxious to ring in the New Year.

     Even if it means getting up at 1:30 each morning to do it.

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